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EC fans & blowers for bus HVAC

  Energy-saving fans based on the energy-saving motor (ESM) are in demand for many applications today. This especially applies to devices with a high duty cycle, such as air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. Tonada DC brushless evaporator blowers and condenser fans consist of mainly brushless motors, intelligent electronic controllers, fan blades and housing.  We adopted the advanced technology of position-less sensor control technology.  As a result of the innovative design, the products are made more compact.  Tonada EC fans are resistance to high temperature, static shock and moisture.  Hence, they can withstand extremely hostile conditions.  Automated self-protection functions, such as over current protection, short circuit protection, over voltage protection and wrong connection cut off protection are built in to prolong the life of the products.

  Tonada EC fans come with single-speed version, double-speed version and variable speed version, and intelligent electronic controllers of the condenser fans have internal (integrated with motor) and external version.

  Tonada EC fans (brushless condenser fans and evaporator blowers) have the following features as compared to other similar products:

High Degree of Energy Saving and Longer Service Life

    Energy saving by 20%; life span exceeds 35,000 hours.

● High Reliability and Environmental Adaptability

    The rapid heat dissipation of brushless motor can keep the motor performance stable and reliable; the optimum operating temperature range from -40°C to 80°C.

● High Efficiency and Anti-electromagnetic Interference

    No resistance and heat emission caused by carbon brush & commutator of motor. DC brushless motors are also operating at a more constant speed and the interference of electromagnetic is much lower than the traditional brush motors.

● Environmental Friendly and Maintenance Free

    No carbon brush and commutator, therefore the motor works without polluting our environment.

EC Centrifugal Blowers

  Tonada EC centrifugal blowers feature remarkable performance, high efficiency, low energy consumption and super long life span.  More importantly, they have high power output, sustained high torque and powerful motive force.  As a result of these superior characteristics, they can drive huge volume of air exchange for the purpose of cold and hot air regulation in various equipment and systems.  Models of higher speed and larger airflow volume than AC motor are also available.

  Wide range of speed regulation and the intelligent adjustment by the open circuit and closed circuit which make the fans control the needed air volume accurately automatically. DC blowers are especially compatible for air flowing, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and automobile industry etc. DC brushless evaporator blowers with single-speed version, double-speed version or variable speed version and outer coverings with single or double housing are available.           


EC Axial Fans

  Tonada DC brushless axial fans allow higher speed and tolerate backpressure better than AC motor and it can carry out intellectual regulation during operation through the pulse-width modulated signal open-loop control.  DC motor is especially suitable for air flowing, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and automobile industry etc.

  We adopted the advanced aerodynamics philosophy for fans, which are highly efficient and generate less noise. Fans with curved or straight blades are available; DC brushless condenser fans with single-speed version, double-speed version or variable speed version, and the intelligent electronic controllers with internal (integrated with motor) or external version are available.


Application Examples of Bus HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

Available for Installation of Following Bus Air-Conditioners:
    ●  Carrier(America)
    ●  Denso(Japan)
    ●  Don Hwan(South Korea)
    ●  Hispacold(Spain)
    ●  Konvekta(Germany)
    ●  Sutrak(Germany)
    ●  ThermoKing(America)
    ●  SONGZ (China)
    ●  Jinyi ( China)

Other Applications:
    ● Freezer truck condenser fan & evaporator blower
    ● BS intelligent energy- saving air renewal system
    ● Cooling and ventilation for industry use
    ● Intelligent Fresh Air Heat Exchanger
    ● Train
    ● Long hour operation with 24V supply anytime

    Kindly contact our representatives or local dealers of Tonada for further and up-to-date product information or product customization.

   We aim to research and develop a long life-span, reliable , stable and energy-saving brushless condenser and evaporator blowers for bus air-condition with intelligent controller, optimized blades and cases  of  fan & blower. This is to penetrate into domestic and overseas markets and to proceed on with the medium and small lot production . Below are some pictures of application examples.